With a focus on customer experience, we tailor user-friendly and robust self-service solutions. We offer expertise and detailed knowledge from the idea stage to the completed kiosk/machine. We have solid in-house technical competence to handle both large and small tasks, including additional components such as printers, RFID equipment, scanners, cameras, and consumables like receipt rolls and tickets.

For the offshore oil and gas sector, we have developed and customized MT-heliBOX – a simple and self-service check-in solution for helicopter travelers. The solution is installed and in use at Flesland (Bergen), Sola (Stavanger), and Florø (Vestland) airports – ensuring a seamless and efficient check-in flow.

Does your business need a digital and self-service boost to simplify routines? Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can customize the solution for you.

Self-service helicopter bases

MT-heliBOX is specially adapted to DaWinci for self-service check-in of helicopter travelers. It is easy to operate and maintain – both offshore and at the heliport.

DaWinci is the Norwegian oil industry’s industry solution for personnel logistics and tracking, as well as POB (personnel on board).

Printer for manual check-in

MT-heliBOX Stand-alone printer for manuell innsjekk,
med to separate skriverenheter, for bagtag og boarding-/lugartag.


MT-heliBOX BASE can create a complete check-in area and provide a clear designation within the premises. The solution is modular and can be optimized for the specific area.

Service and support

Lexit has a well-run and efficient service and support department that provides telephone support, services products in its own workshop or assists customers at their location. If your company has business critical equipment in operation, we also have the ability to perform preventive maintenance. Our service and support department consists of a service-focused coordinator and several skilled and certified service technicians.